Ambassador Mohib Delivers Remarks on Afghanistan’s Prospects in 2017 and Beyond

Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib delivered keynote remarks and took questions at a panel discussion on Afghanistan’s prospects in 2017, held February 13 at New America Foundation panel.

In attendance were a diverse group of audience to include Afghan Embassy diplomats, academia, security/intelligence specialists, United States Government Officials, Afghan and Pakistani experts, civil society activists and media representatives.

In his remarks, Ambassador Mohib touched upon a variety of issues, but more specifically focused on three topics: Taliban, Pakistan, and the Afghan government reforms agenda.

Ambassador praised the Afghan National Security Forces for their commitment and dedication in the fight against international terrorism. “The high level of casualties our soldiers are taking is not a sign of weakness, but the evidence of their resolve to win the fight against terrorism not just for Afghanistan, but also for the world,” ambassador noted. “I am not going to exaggerate our victories, but that doesn’t tell the whole story of what is happening. It requires a change in mentality from focusing on losing or not-losing to focusing on wining,” he added.

Following his remarks, Ambassador Mohib answered questions on a variety of issues surrounding the present and future of Afghanistan. Video of the event is available here.

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