Ambassador Mohib visits Texas for the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women: Peace Through Business graduation

Ambassador to the U.S., H.E. Hamdullah Mohib visited Austin, Texas for the Peace Through Business program graduation. The program is an Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW) initiative focusing on business training and mentorship for women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Rwanda. It strives to educate women on how to promote their business and leadership skills, build a strong public policy agenda for women in business, and help build stable democracies.

On the days leading up to the ceremony, Ambassador Mohib, along with the CEO of IEEW, Dr. Terry Neese, and Ms. Manizha Wafeq, met with the Editorial Board of Dallas Morning News. They discussed the progress in Afghanistan, exemplarily that 65% of the population under 25 is living in a free, democratic Afghanistan. Ambassador Mohib stated, “despite the difficulties, Afghanistan is growing, and we are happy women are at the table.”

On the morning of July 27, Ambassador Mohib participated in the Directors and International Advisory Board briefing of IEEW, where he expressed the importance of women in business. He highlighted the progress in Afghanistan, mentioning highly-ranked women officials as examples. Ambassador Mohib thanked the organization for helping Afghan women achieve their dreams and excel in their fields.

Later that evening, Ambassador Mohib gave opening remarks at the IEEW graduation ceremony. He spoke of the achievements made by the Afghan government over the past 17 years and stated that the only way of achieving durable peace and weening off dependency is to promote businesses. Ambassador Mohib assured that H.E. President Ghani chairs hour-long procurement commissions and economic council meetings to ensure they are fighting corruption and leveling the playing field for fair trade and investments. He added that President Ghani and First Lady Rula Ghani go out of their way to invest political capital to revive Afghanistan’s past, bringing Afghan women back to the table. Ambassador Mohib concluded by stating the progress made in the gender diversification of the government is immense. Women are now ministers, deputy ministers, ambassadors, governors, mayors and most importantly, key members in the peace council ensuring that this progress is protected.