Embassy Honors U.S. Marines Who Served Alongside ANDSF

On July 27, Ambassador Mohib and the Embassy of Afghanistan hosted Col. Ty Zagurski, commander of U.S. Marine Barracks Washington, and several Marines under his command who served in Afghanistan alongside Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).

Ambassador Mohib thanked the Marines for their service and partnership with ANDSF on behalf of the Afghan people.

Over a buffet of traditional Afghan food, many Marines talked about their love for Afghanistan and said the Afghan people hold a special place in their hearts, especially people in Helmand province, where most of them served.

It was a wonderful event enjoyed by both Embassy staff and visiting Marines. Ambassador Mohib said he hopes to host more such gatherings in the future, including with ANDSF veterans, as a way to connect them to their American counterparts and strengthen existing bonds.