H.E. Ambassador Roya Rahmani met with former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush

H.E. Ambassador Roya Rahmani visited Dallas, TX and met with former President of the United States (POTUS) George W. Bush and former First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Mr. Laura Bush at The Bush Center. President Bush and Mrs. Bush acknowledged the progress and achievements made by the people of Afghanistan in the past 18 yrs. They stated that those gains should be protected. Ambassador Rahmani expressed gratitude for the continued support of former POTUS George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush, especially their contribution to women empowerment in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Roya Rahmani also met with numerous business leaders and talked about the current situation in Afghanistan, highlighted the 18-year achievements of the people of Afghanistan- especially the women and the youth- and mentioned investment opportunities in the country

H.E. Rahmani briefed the leaders on improvements in Afghanistan’s public financial management and fiscal reliability, access to regional and international markets, the potential of natural resources and power, as well as the government’s vision for investment in the agriculture sector as a path for development.

During her official visit to Texas, Ambassador Roya Rahmani had an interview with Mr. Andrew Kaufmann, Digital Communications Director for the George W. Bush Presidential Center and host of The Strategerist podcast, about the government of Afghanistan’s support for active participation of women in the government, the importance of empowering women and her appointment as the first female ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States. 

H.E. Rahmani also had an interview with the Editorial Board of the Dallas Morning News where she had the opportunity to explain the state of war and Afghan Security Forces’ ability to wage it; the status of the peace talks with the Taliban, what the people and government of Afghanistan expect from it and the protection of women’s rights. Ambassador Rahmani stated that “Afghanistan’s desire for peace is unconditional but a peace agreement is conditional because lasting peace is not the absence of bullets. It is the fair application of the rule of law and the protection of citizen’s rights and freedoms”.

At the end of her trip, Ambassador Roya Rahmani was able to meet with Gold Star families and to personally thank them for their engagement with Afghanistan. HE Rahmani stated, “we are fighting a global war and unfortunately, we are losing our brave men and women in uniform, who have joined the military voluntarily, every day”. H.E. Roya Rahmani also briefed the families about the progress and improvements made in Afghanistan in the last 2 decades, which could not be possible without the brave Afghan and American soldiers’. The families thanked the ambassador for sharing Afghanistan’s success stories, which are rarely spoken of. The Gold Star families- who lost their loved ones in Afghanistan- were grateful for meeting H.E. Roya Rahmani and sharing their stories. A mother who lost her son stated, “today you put me in peace” and a father said, “you assured me that my son’s life was not gone vain”.

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