Institute for Education’s Global Connections Salon 2017

On November 27, 2017, the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington DC hosted the Institute for Education’s Global Connections Salon with Afghan Ambassador to the US, H.E. Hamdullah Mohib and Josh Rogin, a political analyst at CNN as well as a columnist on foreign policy and national security for Bloomberg View and The Washington Post. 

The program commenced with introductory remarks by wife of Ambassador Mohib, Mrs. Lael Mohib. She spoke about leaders as those who take risks, speak truth to power, and are guided by a moral compass. Mrs. Mohib continued, “If a leader doesn’t use his or her platform to make positive change and inspire others to do the same…that is not leading, that is following.” President and CEO of Institute for Education, Coach Kathy Kemper then addressed guests, describing IFE’s mission as engaging the global community in finding common ground, collaborating and harnessing the power of data, innovation, technology and soft diplomacy.

Topic of discussion between Ambassador Mohib and Josh Rogin surrounded Afghanistan’s many achievements in the past 16 years, including the tremendous accomplishments of the Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team, most recently winning the entrepreneur challenge in the Estonian Robotics Festival, the largest robotics festival in Europe. The successes of these girls represents the drive of Afghanistan’s young generation to push the country forward. On the new US policy in Afghanistan, Ambassador Mohib summarized the points that have already brought about positive change, one being the additional support and eyes on the ground that have prevented the Taliban from gathering in large numbers. Ambassador Mohib also discussed economic improvement in Afghanistan as foreign businesses are looking to invest in the country. On prospects of a fully self-reliant Afghanistan, Ambassador Mohib reiterated that this is not solely an Afghan war. He reiterated the importance of the ultimate sacrifice that American’s have made, but also stressed that the Afghan-US relationship must be seen as a partnership. He said “this is not a dependency…America stands with Afghanistan but Afghanistan stands with the United States too.”

Watch the full discussion here