Ministry of Finance Unveils First-Ever Fully Transparent National Budget

December 11, 2017

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Finance unveils the first-ever fully transparent national budget that follows international standards, cuts corruption and ensures efficient and effective development. The 2018 budget was approved by cabinet on November 5, 2017 and by the Meshrano Jirga on November 21, 2017. “For the first time, the budget is fully transparent”, writes the Afghan Analysts Network (AAN) about the new Afghan national budget. Read the full AAN analysis here. 

The plan focuses on two major issues present in the country. The first is the declining international aid and its implications for Afghanistan’s development. While Afghanistan is working towards becoming fully self-reliant, the country relies on international aid for financing growth, service delivery, and security.  The budget document states, “there are no guarantees that international assistance will remain at current levels. It is prudent to assume that aid will reduce and become more variable, based on meeting performance benchmarks.” The budget also focuses on reforms that will continue to cut back corruption and strengthen public financial management. Chief among the new changes is the transparency of the new budget. The Afghan Analysts Network quotes, “there are no hidden numbers, so specialists who are able to read budget tables should be able to see exactly how much money the government has and where it is going.”