Readout of the call between President Ghani and President-elect Trump


Readout of the December 3 phone call between Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and U.S. President-elect Donald J. Trump

On December 3, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani spoke by phone with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and congratulated him on his recent election.

President Ghani and President-elect Trump discussed relations between Afghanistan and the US, which are based on the two countries’ shared strategic interests. President Ghani expressed his hope that bilateral relations will continue to strengthen under the Trump Administration.

President Ghani also expressed his deep appreciation for the sacrifices and contributions the US has made in Afghanistan. He stressed that the joint war against terrorism has made America a foundational partner to the people of Afghanistan and said the investments made by the United States into Afghanistan’s development are bearing fruit.

President Ghani noted that U.S.-Afghan cooperation has especially benefitted Afghanistan’s mining sector and helped Afghanistan develop the country’s abundant natural resources – an essential building block of a strong economy that will help Afghanistan achieve its goal of self-reliance.

President-elect Trump told President Ghani that Afghanistan has tremendous natural resources and said his administration stands ready to help Afghanistan and its people make effective use of those resources. He noted Afghanistan’s economic development has great potential.

On the issue of security, President Ghani noted that Afghan security forces provide the backbone of Afghanistan’s stability, and expressed his thanks to the US and NATO for providing military and financial support.

The two leaders agreed that terrorism poses a serious threat to the stability of Afghanistan and the surrounding region and discussed the elements and indicators of state-sponsored terrorism. Both men stressed that there is a continuing need to jointly fight against terrorism and extremism, and to promote broader regional partnerships and cooperation.

President-elect Donald Trump invited President Ghani to visit Washington to continue their discussion of bilateral issues, which President Ghani accepted. President Ghani also invited President-elect Trump to visit Afghanistan, which President-elect Trump also accepted.

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