President Ghani Meets with President Trump at 72nd UNGA

On September 18, 2017, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, His Excellency Ashraf Ghani arrived in New York City for the 72nd annual United Nations General Assembly. To see a readout of his remarks click here and to watch his address click here. The Afghan President attended multiple engagements during his visit in New York City, chief among them was a meeting with United States President Donald Trump in which President Ghani expressed his appreciation for America’s continued commitment and support to help shape a stable Afghanistan. Click here to watch the exchange. 

President Ghani spoke with NRP’s Morning Edition about President Trump’s new strategy in Afghanistan and the region, telling listeners it is a very well thought-out plan with a four year objective… of really bringing 80 percent of the territory of the country under control. Listen to the discussion here. He later delivered remarks at Asia Society followed by a discussion moderated by Fareed Zakaria on the prospects for peace and security in Afghanistan. Watch the remarks and full discussion here. To conclude his trip in the United States, President Ghani discussed challenges facing Afghanistan, among them its fight against international terror organizations at the Council on Foreign Relations. Click here for the full conversation.