Embassy to Host Afghan Disability Rights Conference

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Washington, D.C. will host the Afghan Disability Rights Conference: From Policy to Programming in Washington, D.C. May 23 – 24, 2017 at Georgetown University.  This conference is being held in partnership with the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council and the United States International Council on Disabilities.

The conference aims to highlight disability issues and progress in the disability sector, focusing specifically on practical approaches for making inclusive education, inclusive public healthcare, and vocational training and employment opportunities realities for Afghan citizens living with disabilities.

The Afghan Disability Rights Conference will bring together NGOs, governments, and academic institutions working in the disability sector, in the US and Afghanistan. Among the participants will be the media, civil society, and a group of Afghan professionals working in Afghanistan’s disability sector. 

The conference will include a keynote address, topical panel and roundtable discussions, and a networking session.  The goals of the conference are to: 1) shed light on disability issues as well as raise awareness and generate interest, 2) to consolidate support and generate ideas and plans for practical solutions to the topics discussed, and 3) provide an opportunity for networking and sharing knowledge.