Absentee Tazkira

غیابي تذکره

 Before visiting the consulate, please make an  appointment.

 Dear compatriots living in the United States of America:

Citizenship IDs
• Duplicate IDs
Verification of ID
ل Writing a surname in the identity card
اصلاح Name correction in tazkera
اصلاح Correction of place of birth in the identity card
نوي Visit the National Bureau of Statistics ( NBS ) website ( https://www.econsulate.nsia.gov.af/home ) on the new photo ID services and then register on this website. In the Population section, fill out the selected form and register your application online.
It is important to note that after the performance of the Absentee Population Registration Services, your ID card will be sent online by the agency to the Consular Section of the Embassy. In the final stage, we will arrange an interview for you to prove your identity and citizenship, so that you can visit our Consular Section at the appointed time and after proving your identity, you can submit your ID card in Washington DC. The Republic has received from the Consulate.
Given that this process is still in its infancy, it may take some time. Therefore, we respectfully ask our esteemed compatriots to be patient in the process.

Also click on the instructional video link below to get accurate usage and step-by-step instructions on the above services

پته - ادرس

2233 Wisconsin Ave, NW
Suite #216
Washington, DC 20007


Phone: (202)-483-6410 ext. 1003

د کتنې لپاره وخت نیول

قونسلي څانګې ته راتګ مخکې وخت ونیسئ د دوشنبې څخه تر جمعې پوري د سهار له ۹:۳۰ څخه د ماسپیښین تر ۱:۳۰ بجې

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