Embassy Staff

  His Excellency Hamdullah Mohib (PhD) Ambassador  
  Ms. Madina Qasimi Minister Counselor/DCM 202-483-6410 ext.1006 
  Mr. Abdul Nafay Sana Political Counselor (Congress) 202-483-6410 ext.1007 
  Mr. Fazulrahman Fazilyar Counselor (Economic Affairs) 202-483-6410 ext.1008
   Mr. Sayed Hashemi Political Counselor (Congress) 202-483-6410 ext.1009
  Ms. Angiza Nasiree  Political Counselor  202-483-6410 ext. 1010
  Mr. Haroon Hakimi  Head of Section for Latin America   202-483-6410 ext. 1012
  Mr. Fayeq Wahedi   Legal Section 202-483-6410 ext.1020
  Mr. Mohammad Akbar Quraishi  Liaison, Defense 202-483-6410 ext. 1011
  Mr. Mesbahulhaq Aini   First Secretary 202-483-6410 ext. 1025
  Mr. Abdullah Khodadad   Passport Section    202-483-6410 ext. 1022
  Ms. Bahishta Talash   Visa Section  202-483-6410 ext: 1023
   Mr. Umeed Stanikzai   Economic Affairs   202-483-6410 ext. 1022
  Mr. Ahmad Seyar Auobi    Protocol Officer 202-483-6410 ext. 1024  
   Mr. Jahid Banoori  Head of Admin and Finance 202-483-6410 ext: 1004 
  Mr. Majeedullah Qarar   Cultural Attaché  202-483-6410 ext: 1028 
  Mr. Adul Hadi Barakzai  Military Attaché  202-483-6410 ext: 1027
   Ms. Hilal Rahim Passport Section  202-483-6410 Ext: 1022